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Header with Name on Left and Navigation on Right

Hi, I am trying to create a header with my name on the “left” and the navigation on the right but I have bungled it up. Can someone please tell me how to do this. Go to page: “Home (Left Menu)”

Here is my site Read-Only:

Go to page: “Home (Left Menu)”

I would remove the Container div, I think that will solve a lot of headache for you =) Try it and see what happens.

jorn, thanks so much. Seemed to work. Can you look at the Navigator Panel and see if I did it properly.

Also, I don’t know why but in the Menu the word “PROJECTS” is sitting a few pixels lower than the other menus buttons. I looked n the settings and for the life of me I can’t figure out why it is sitting lower. If you could have a look I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Looks ok to me =)

That because you have a style on the outer dropdown element with class dropdown. The font on that was set to 11 px as the others was 12, so if you remove that you good to go.

Happy Designing :grinning:

Yes that worked too jorn. Thanks a lot. I have two more small questions re: my “projects” dropdown menu but I’ve taken up a lot of your time already. Should I start a new post for those 2 questions?

Ask away and I’ll try to solve it for you :blush:
I’m off to bed so it will tomorrow.

I appreciate it.

  1. How would I copy the menu to all pages in my site. Is there a simple way to do this?
  2. Under the “projects” dropdown menu the white bar is a bit wide. I tried to find a way to make it narrower but cannot see how to do this.
  3. In the title how can I make only the word “Concept Artist” smaller? I tried to create a new Class for just the word “Concept Artist” but it keeps selecting the whole word.

There is of course copy ‘n paste but maybe you looking for Symbols. With Symbols you can change it once and see the changes on all instances.

The class Dropdown List has a padding of 20 to the left and right. Remove that and it becomes a bit narrower.

In any text you should be able select just one letter if you want to. A small menu then appears and you choose the small icon of a brush. Now you can add a style to it. But I think maybe you tried that already. I had however no problem selecting the two word, adding a span, a class and make just the those word smaller.

Hope it helps :santa:

Merry Christmas jorn. Thanks so much for the answers! :slight_smile:

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