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Newbie Header/NavBar question

Hi all,
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As you can see I started by using the WebFlow NavBar widget, but in then adding a text block to the Brand area and viewing site in the different media e.g. PC, Mobile etc. I have these questions:
For Monitor viewing the Brand name is too far in from LH side for my liking, I’d like it about 25px from screen edge, and similarly Menu options too far from RH edge. But the Header Container seems designed for 960px for a purpose. So how do I position these things as you would normally expect - and have it still work OK on a mobile?

Thank you

Hello @KimJordan!

Welcome to Webflow :smiley:

I can tell you from my experience, that I am usually moving brand link out of container. Yet if you will center element “HeaderContainer” and in tablet view will give it width=100% , you probably will have result that you expect.

Hope it helps,

Thank you Anna for assisting.
It’s more the view on a PC monitor rather than tablet where I’d like to get the Brand right over to the Left and the Menu stuff right over to the right.
Elsewhere on this Forum I noted that there was a comment about recommending use of the WebFlow NavBar as it incorporated some ‘special’ aspects/features, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me just what they are - so as maybe I could better understand how the Header section is supposed to operate.


Hey @KimJordan, could you take a screenshot of the misbehaving styles on the nav bar? I took a quick peek and currently you have a navbar (good) a logo brand on the left, and the menu on the right.

Are you still experiencing any issues ? cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

Thank you cyberdave very much for responding.
Well, as you can see from the screen shot, I’d like the Menu options on the RHSide to be much further over to the Right - and, actually, the brand name to be a whisker further to the Left - and it still all work in Mobile of course.

Hi @KimJordan, One suggestion, you can drag the brand, navmenu and menu button out of the container, and set some margins on left and right of the Brand and the Nav Menu.

I made a quick video:


Very much appreciate your help Dave!!! Thank you for your time.

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