Header Image Zoom Issue

The main image on my site has a zoom - which is cool. But I’m not sure how to control how much it zooms. It Zooms too far and A: Doesn’t look good. And B: sorta breaks the site. if you wait a few seconds and watch, the image will expand and start to show underneath other elements on the site on displays that are wide but not very tall (Or the window is resized to be wide but not tall), which isn’t ideal.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Okay. I solve dit by changing overflow visibility settings.

Is there a way though to control how much it zooms? Because I would still like it to zoom in only half as much as it is.

Please, share your read-only and we’ll be able to provide help with the zoom! (It’s probably an animation that is triggered when the page finishes loading and scales the Div that holds that image)