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Header filling entire page...?


I’m sorry if this has been asked. I searched and wasn’t able to find anything that helped. In webflow, how can I have my header image fill the entire page no matter what size the browser window is when the page loads?

For instance - I just have a single splash page and when it loads, I want it to cover the entire page without any scroll. I’m almost positive it’s something simple.

Thanks in advance for any help offered!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @allergicto, I am not exactly sure what kind of structure you are looking for, do you have a link to the site with the image?

Here is a simple full screen hero example:

If you need the background image to show in it’s entirety, then I would set the background image to contain, take a peek at using background styling:

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This is exactly what I needed and searched for but couldn’t find… You are amazing! Thank you!