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Having trouble with the logo maintaining the same size for every page I've made

Hey guys,

I’ve just been playing around with Webflow. I’m not at the stage where I’d feel comfindent freelancing with Webflow but that’s my goal. So I’m in the process of creating a website that’s a passion project of mine, pretty simply it’s a place for creatives to submit their work based on a word that I’ll give every week. I’m calling it Prompt for right now.

I’ve only created 2.25 pages but I’m having issues with making the logo. But I’m having trouble with making the logo every the same size. I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s probably something obvious. But I’m not sure.

Home Page

your Navbar Container is a ‘container’ (960px width) on one page and a ‘section’ (100vw) on another page.

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Oh. I labeled it “Nav Container” on the home page and design page but it’s actually a section for some reason.