Having an image stick to the bottom of a section

Hello! I’m a little stumped as to how to pull off a certain effect. It’s on the very top of the linked page. I want the static image of the man to sit on top of a rotating slider. I figured how to do that. But now I need him to sit at the bottom of the section both him and the slider is in. So when viewing it on different screen sizes, he always stays fixed to the bottom of the slider. I hope I’m explaining myself properly.

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Hi @KFeathers,

So you have your image block as Absolute to the Relative slider. However, if you wish to make that image sit at the bottom of the section that it and the slider sit in, you must make that section Relative, place the slider back at static and add a z-index of at least 1.

Refer to video: Screen Recording 2019-08-08...

Happy Designing,

Ha! It worked. I knew I was missing something. Thank you so much Brandon! :grin:

You are very welcome!