Happy New Year! 🍾🎉

Just want to say Happy New Year to everyone!

It was a great 2016 with all you Webflowers and I enjoyed helping a lot of you!

(I know I’m a little early but I just couldn’t hold myself) :joy:

It has really been a great year and I just want to thank the amazing Webflow Staff and Webflow users again cause all you guys are just so awesome!!!

I am sure 2017 will be even awesomer!!

Also at my agency we made a little something simple but very clean to congratulate everyone with a Happy New Year!

It’s either too slow or fast animation for some folks but it was quickly designed and developed so I think it will do. :wink:

You can check it out here!

Design Responsively everyone! :slight_smile:


Happy new year to you as well, Vlad!

It will have been one year since i started using Webflow come March, and you guys truly have my business. :slight_smile:

Also for some reason i am not seeing an animation.

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Go on website and wait :wink:

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