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Handle your icons with Icon Pocket

Just found out about Icon Pocket. A great little software to handle your own icons and finding others. Is there a chance that Webflow can support Icon Pocket or drag 'n drop functionality?

Thanks for the feedback. How would you imagine using Iconpocket-like functionality in Webflow? What would be the workflow?

Well on Mac Icon Pocket lies on the status bar and when you click on it you are presented with a selection of icons, from there I would like to drag the one icon right into Webflow.

Is it an image, SVG, or what image type? So you’re wanting the ability to drag icons from different sources into Webflow? Isn’t the currently possible? Or are you wanting icons inside of Webflow from different sources?

Well this is embarrassing, I just learned that you could drop images onto the designer =D Thats great. I think I want better icon/image handling better in general. Icon Pocket is one way store add icons. Css-sprites maybe, could that be done in webflow? Icon fonts would be ideal though. Today you can easily make your own, if I could add that to Webflow and visually select my icon would be great.

@jorn now you can add custom fonts inside Webflow. That means you can add Font Awesome or any other font icon and use that in your website.


This is great news, thanks. Tested and it worked, of course =)
I used FontAwesome Cheatsheat to easy copy the icon into Webflow.

basically, me right now:


Icon fonts, such as the ones you can create with various apps and websites (I personally use http://fontastic.me/ who let me integrate icons I’ve purchased from Webalys too – Streamline and Minicons are among the most popular packs) could benefit from a special treatment. Designers need to be able to visually browse their packs of icons.

Icons from icon fonts have two different usages that would lead to different UI in Webflow, I guess:

  • as a pseudo-element called by a CSS style
  • as a standalone element written in the HTML and styled by CSS

A palette of icons to deal with standalone HTML elements would be really cool. Being able to call this palette from the part of the UI dealing with lists would be very nice too.

(I find that making nice dots for lists with Webflow is as hard as manually. The default never gets the right size and vertical position, and many times I can’t achieve a good vertical position without spending time and breaking a few things)

In Webflow, we can’t mass-manage images. If I’ve just modified a bunch of images, if I want to update them in Webflow, I have to do it one by one. (I figured that after making 15 pages… None of my images were really optimised…) With an icon font, one file update could push numerous modifications of icons… all of them at once, site-wide update.

On another hand, icon fonts are meant to die. They exist because of the poor support of vector images, and because it’s handy for some reasons (see above). Why not, instead of supporting icon fonts, start to work on a kickass SVG support, with “sets”, “collections”, drag and drop panels, asset management… etc. Stuff that will bring us a little bit in the future instead of hacking an old technology (: See what’s Sketch app is exporting. I’d find cool to export from Sketch to something Webflow can handle really well. Plus we could display tons of icons in Webflow but it would only publish the ones needed at the sizes needed – oh yes because it would handle various size of the same vector icon, for optimal pixel perfect rendering (wouldn’t it?).

With time my friend. :smiley: Icon fonts was not the main reason for custom fonts. Custom fonts was the main reason behind custom fonts. Icon fonts is just a small little benefit. It’s not the ideal solution for it by all means, but it works for now!

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I’m afraid I missed something… I just realize you weren’t joking or anticipating… I really didn’t see that coming, but it’s here! Great :slight_smile:

Never mind, I JUST got the Since You’ve Been Gone announcing it :slight_smile: