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Hamburger menu open state typography color change

Hey, me again!

So I’m trying to change my hamburger menu open state colour to white so that it’s visible. As you can see, I’ve got the open state selected, alongside the white typography colour turned on for the button, but it just doesn’t seem to work out.

Here is my public share link: LINK

I still haven’t been able to resolve this. Bumping so someone can chime in.

Hi @allesplusjetzt, thanks for your post.

The reason the menu icon shows as blue text is because you have an override for the icon text to be blue:

Shared with CloudApp

If you delete that override, then the white text will show.

Then with the menu button in the closed state, you would set the text color from White to Blue:

Shared with CloudApp

I hope this helps

Thanks Dave! I thought I had practically exhausted every option.

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