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Hamburger icon pushed down


My menu hamburger icon in the top left is getting pushed down by the centred brand item. I’ve tried using clear but to no avail. Can anyone advise on the error of my ways please. Share link below.

Many thanks


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Just use flex for the navbar div and change order of elements inside (move menu button above the brand).

Hi dram,

that’s done the trick, many thanks

Glad to help. You will be better off just using flex everywhere honestly - it is just so much easier to create layouts with it.

Horizontal flex*

Vertical flex will give you bugs galore.

Which bugs do you mean?

Safari still doesn’t support them.

Woah, really? Caniuse says the bugs were up to 10th version and then it is fully supported. Are they wrong?


Please could I get some more advice…

I realised on the original nav bar I created that I’d deleted the nav links so have started again. I’ve made the nav bar div a flex again and changed the order of elements but can’t figure out now how to get the logo to the middle of the navbar like on this site.

Share link here…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Graham

Don’t worry, I’ve figured it out. Just added width to brand and auto margin

I had not seen that. I stand corrected regarding current versions of Safari.

I still wouldn’t use it, though, as anyone not on the most recent version will not be able to view pages correctly.

Safari has turned the clock back 10 years and put us back in the days of IE breaking everything.

Vertical flexbox will not be able to be safely used until everything prior to the present Safari is no longer supported or has fallen to negligible levels of installation.

I see! Well, current share of users of Safari 10 and below is at about 0.5 percent so I guess that’s a fair sacrifice to make!

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