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Logo not centered in nav bar


I want my logo to be exactly centered on the page but for some reason it appears slightly off to the right when compared to the centered content below. I’ve tried the flex settings and checked for margin/padding etc but to no avail. I’d be very grateful for any help.

Many thanks in advance…Graham

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Better off not using Flex for that, I reckon. Position relative your nav bar, then absolute for your brand and menu (menu top left, brand top). Then pad / margin from there.

Sorry, just seen on another of your posts that folks recommended Flex to achieve the layout in the first place! Stick with Flex if you like but it’s the width of the burger icon that’s throwing your logo off. Just position absolute your menu button to the top left and you should be golden

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I came to the same conclusion. Your menu button needs to be taken out of the flow.

Thanks for all the replies, that has fixed it. Many thanks. Graham

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