Hamburger button works in editor preview but not with share link

**UPDATE: I’ve created a second page (Home ALT) and rebuilt the nav slightly different. It works perfect in the preview (except that the menu close X is visible in designer) but when you use the share link to view it it doesn’t work at all. I’m losing my mind.

Original post: Hi all, I’m building my first from-scratch site in Webflow (I’ve only used templates before) and I’m struggling so much just getting the nav to work properly. I used the pre-built Navbar element and customized from there.

It seems to be working properly in the preview of the designer but when I use the share link and open in a new window the menu burger button doesn’t work. I’ve spent days tweaking everything I can think of and I have no idea what’s going on. It seems like there’s an interference with the Brand Logo link because if you click that to reload the page the menu button suddenly works. I’m obviously missing something. There’s also a little glitch with the slide-out flashing for a fraction of a second when opening/closing. The slide-out isn’t glitching anymore with the new build.

Here is my site Read-Only link: (Webflow - MRP Web)