Half screen white on mobile devices

Hi, first time getting help here! My problem is that on mobile devices of the following page the half-screen of it is filled with blank space, that you can scroll horizontally. Does anyone know how to fix that? Other help guides didn’t help unfortunatelly

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Thanks in advance!

Most likely culprit is an element wider than the breakpoint.
Or . . . an element overflowing (wider) than it’s bounding box.

I see this quite often with sites designed around templates.
Content is changed/replaced with larger content which messes with the flow.

Your site is FAR to complicated for me to spend he time going item by item to find the cause(s) but you may have to do just that.

Having a 100% grasp on the knowledge of the ‘box model’ is important when building from scratch. It’s VERY necessary when changing content in a template.