H1-H6 Styling & SEO Best Practices

Hi All,

We have a dev team building us a big site on Webflow, and we’ve found during QA that they have not set global H1-H6 with any style classes. Meaning, they have a bunch of different classes that are used to style various parts of text on the pages, but none of them are connected to H1-H6.

My understanding that the best approach is to style H1-H6 so that, by default, our H1 will be the largest text on the page, the H2 will be subtitles, and so on. I am not a developer, but my understanding is that this is the most common practice and is best for SEO.

I asked the dev team about this, and they said that it actually gives us more SEO flexibility being able to assign H1-H6 to any text element on the pages. On one hand, I get that. On the other, I am worried it will hurt our SEO performance to assign H1/H2/H3 (especially) to whatever elements we think will work best for SEO.

Has anyone else encountered devs that prefer to do this? Should I be worried?

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Yes they are right, as long they have set h1-h6, which in webflow will be

you are good to go.

The style class as the name suggests, is just the visual style.

Although if someday you want to change the visual of these tittles in a easy way, well thats where styles come in handy, therefore I recommend you to have them.

Thank you so much! That’s really helpful.