Guidance on design workflow

Hello all,
My agency works on about 4-6 new web projects per month (small or medium sized depending on who you ask).

Almost exclusively we work with Webflow Templates, but we do have to customize them a little bit, not to mention putting client content in.

In addition, we handle video production and photography in house amongst some other disciplines that keep us busy.

Here’s the ask on guidance:

  • How would you go about making the website setup process more efficient?
    – I am finding I do not have enough time to keep up with the web projects in addition to the other work. I have an accounts manager plus a video editor on the team.

  • Or rather, who would I want to hire to help me out? I don’t know that I need a “Designer”.

I need someone who is: 1) familiar with the webflow platform and can make some design changes to the template, 2) collect content, and 3) add the content to the website

I might be overthinking the solution, but I’m just looking for some advice and help here on how to do this.