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Handoff to a Client

Hello. So could anyone help me understand he process/workflow for handing over the project that I designed in Webflow to the client so that they can make changes in the future as they wish?

If they want to make design changes and are comfortable doing it themselves in Webflow, transfer a copy to their account and have them set up hosting on their end.

If they need you to make the design changes, you can grant them a collaborator account to just change the content and add/edit/delete collection items.

If they want me to make the changes, why will I need a Collaboration
account, when I can directly make the design changes on my own?

Collaborator/Editor account can change content ONLY, not the layout or design or styles.

Webflow account can do everything including change site structure, add new page templates, add new CMS Collection, modify site & hosting settings.

More info:

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