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Grid with auto-fit and square cells

Trying to create a typical Grid using Auto-fit, here’s the very sloppy Figma-sketch that I’m gunning for.

Using a min size and Auto-fit works great for the horizontal dimension, but I can’t get the vertical dimension to reference whatever the horizontal size ends up with? If I use fixed breakpoints I can use VW for both horizontal and veritcal sizing, but that limits the horizontal flow for big screens, i.e. if I do 33VW the squares get very big on my iMac when there’s only three in width…

Hope you understand what I’m after, it must be a typical problem?

Thanks! :pray:

hi @Simon_Lessing - Welcome back! There is a clone-able project in the showcase that can give you a start. Tweak as needed.

Do you might see what I am doing wrong?

Can you explain your problem

My grid is not squared.

It is related to the topic ‘Grid with auto-fit and square cells’ as shown above on top of this page.

Have you seen this

Thank you for your response. :slight_smile:

My problem is about setting the grid ‘automated,’ but the tiles do not become squared.

Hey! Were you able to solve this issue? I have the same problem and cannot figure it out

Same problem here. Have gone through all the videos, info and comments but can’t find the solution.