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Grid feature is lacking auto-fit and other properties


Seems like the grid is useless because it doesn’t have such properties as auto-fit (so it would resize automatically in different viewports). Can the developers confirm it is planned or am I doing something wrong?

Hey there @webflow1

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You can set the width of the element that has the Grid setting applied just as with any other element.

If you want it to be a static width across all breakpoints then you can do so.

Resizing to fit a viewport makes the site responsive and is favoured in most cases, but you can still opt to have the element display in a fixed width if preferred.

I’m not 100% if I’ve understood your issue correctly so please do elaborate if there’s something that I’ve missed! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, thank you for your reply and greetings!

I am talking about the grid function described here:

@webflow1 Auto-fit and more is coming soon to Webflow Grid.

Even more power from CSS grid

In the next few releases, we’ll be adding additional features like auto-placement, autofit, dense, and the repeat notation. These advanced features will make it even easier for you to create responsive designs that work almost like magic.

At the bottom of this blog post explains all the features that will be coming.


I’m trying to use a grid for our team bios so I can move elements around for different view sizes, but the grid isn’t stretching to accommodate long content even though I have it set to “auto.” This guy is a good example:

The problem is that if I set a larger minimum or maximum to accommodate some employees’ long content, it leaves a huge empty space on the pages where there’s a shorter bio.

I’m sure there’s a simple solution but I’m pulling my hair out. Any help appreciated! Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Anybody? Please? Do we know if this is an unavoidable feature/bug of the grid layout?

Hey @fatpuppy please refer to the post above concerning auto-fit. :point_up: It is not a bug but rather a coming soon feature for grid.

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I have the same problem, my grid-columns are set to auto, but in the preview its not working, the columns do not expand and cut off the content inside.

What do you mean with auto-fit, what is that, and how do i enable it?