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Grid issue - extra auto generated column when adding content


I don’t seem to be having much success with grids. I’ve tried several times across different projects and ALWAYS get a phantom unwanted extra column on the right. This example is even copying a youtube tutorial step by step and it is still happening. I’ve poured through the forum and can’t find where my issue is. I’m hopeful that someone may know how to help me with this. Also, this problem only happens when I have the content inserted in the grid and also when I have 4 columns (it works fine with 3 or 5 for example)

Thank you kindly!

look at this picture: it is the black extra space - I only want 4 spaces in the grid but I have this extra 5th space that I can’t remove for some reason. The second SS is showing the extension of the content to the extra grid part.


Thank you!

hi @Camilla_Rozario to get help you should share read only link

If you miss how to do that is not only pinned on top of this forum but also on request it self. To save you time here is link.