Grid is too wide for container (inside the Designer)

Hi! I’m having trouble viewing my grid based layout correctly in the designer. Please note that when I publish my site and view the link, its showing correctly.

I have the columns set to 1fr. The gutters are 32px. When I set the gutters to 0px its perfectly fitting. I still would like to have static gutters and split the remaining space over the columns. Hope someone knows whats best here :slight_smile:

My page consists a:

I added some custom css in a html embed block to increase the w-container max-width to 1200px. (without this code the same issue occurs)

As you can see in the image below, the content of the grid is wider than the grid itself. When I publish the site, this is not the case, so the problem only exists when viewing in the Designer. I still would like to see the correct this problem, because it makes it hard to design the website.

(screenshot removed for confidential reasons)

Here is my site Read-Only: (link removed for confidential reasons)
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Click show/hide empty elements button at the bottom left.


Wow… Thanks a lot :smiley:

Will be deleting this post since the design is confidential.

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You may just edit out the links. The issue may arise for many people, it is good to have something to search for on the forums in case of a problem.

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