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Grid Frustrations! Only want two columns, but three appear in grid view

I’m trying in ,tablet view, for this page to be two columns instead of three.
I deleted a column in grid view in tablet mode.
The third column is still there (in tablet view). Why? What is the meaning of the darker shaded two columns on the left, are shaded darker than the one extra column.

Do I have to move things around for the unwanted column to disappear?


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I tried fixing the existing grid but turns out creating a new one and giving it three columns in desktop and 2 in tablet mode was easy. I don’t know the exact setting that your grid has that is causing this issue.

With the help of support, I was able to figure this out.

Because I want to drag copies from the existing grid cells, I made the new ones manual.

To make the grid work and automatically adust to the row/col config I have in other screen sizes, I need to set all the cells back to auto. Then it all works fine.

Thank you Nelson in support!