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Grid doesn't center in screen

Hi all,

Could someone explain why my grid ins’t centered in my screen?
I placed a grid (100% width - margin AUTO left and right) in a div block (50 vw - flex - justify center)
It’s placed to the left in my screen, see file attached (red dashed line).

Many thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:

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But it is centered in your read-only

It’s more positioned to the left right ;-)?

Why are you measuring from the inner content though? The grid element itself is perfectly centered. You can align individual children to align right if you wish them to be at the grid’s cell right edge.

What do you mean with the inner content?
Visually it’s not centered for me; I want the grid to be aligned with te image below and if you look at te first image that I’ve posted it’s not aligned.

I see that you already set your stuff up to be more aligned. Did that solve your issue?

Guess a rookie mistake… Different settings on various breakpoints and somewhere in a div of a div of a div a margin of 10. No idea how it got there, but solved the problem!