Grey Area Showing Up Under Slide Show Help Please

This grey area is showing up NOT on Reg Web site page for HOME page but on Tablet and both phone VIEWS.
I really cannot figure out where it is coming from. Please help me understand this as when it happens again I might deal with it myself.

Have attached a picture as well…

Thank you so much for the help. BruceO

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Sliderdivblock, slidercontainer, mask, all have a fixed size of close to 300px height. So either you make the content fill that, either you change or remove the dimensions of all those elements. You should put the height on the slider element and all the rest on 100% height or auto.

Can you try this? Come back if you get stuck on the way. :slight_smile:

Vincent… ALL OK now … you planted some ideas for me… I found using
px in MAX height I was able to remove the extra area from All mobile
devices… I think it is looking pretty good.

thank you for encouraging me to stay with it… I get frustrated when
things don’t lay out correctly and know it is the user not the software.

I am good for now thank you so much for assisting me.

Whenever :slight_smile:

The key with Webflow is to realize Webflow doesn’t “cheat” or do “magic”. It sticks to HTML CSS. (Apart from the combo classes things).

So any way you improve into understanding HTML and CSS, you improve in handling Webflow. Mechanically.

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