Greek Google web fonts

Would be good to have the ability of using Greek Google web fonts (e.g. GFS Didot and GFS Neohellenic).

Used to work on Apple’s iWeb a decade or so ago, surely Webflow can handle this?

Hi, I tried to begin to understand the issue. So far what I’m seeing is that Typekit gives me the same default font when I enter geek text (I should I call it, hellenic text?)

Hi @vincent. I’ve added the Google Web Fonts GFS Didot and GFS Neohellenic to Webflow but the fonts don’t render properly in the Designer or when I publish.

I will test that. would you give me here some strings of real Greek text so I can try accordingly?

Also tell me exactly what “don’t render properly” means?

Ok. See image… the two headings in red are supposed to be GFS Didot and GFS Neohellenic. It’s the same when I publish.

But did you pur greek characters in the txt blocks ?

Can you give me your public link?

Here’s the public link:

The greek characters are well served but the romans ones default to Arial

Could you please elaborate, I didn’t quite understand. Thanks.