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Google Tag Manager Setup

Hi Guys,

We are having some difficulties getting Google Tag Manager to work. We’ve looked at a lot of the forum posts and spent several hours trying but can’t seem to find a workable solution.

The head code is fine and is working correctly but the body code is giving us this error in the chrome plugin checker:

"GTM no-script code not found: either missing or not in "

Currently the code is in an embed as the first item in the body of all of the pages. If someone could advise as as to where we are going wrong it would be most helpful.


Here is a new site which I’ve recently built where GTM is intergrated!

Thanks in advance,

@Waldo Can you help with this?


Hi @Waldo Can you help us with this pleasE?


Hi @steelejamc from the error that’s being thrown it sounds like your noscript version of the tracking pixel hasn’t been added to your site.

Have you had a chance to follow this guide on integrating link tracking for Google Analytics in your Webflow site?