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Can't get Google Tag Assistant to Function

I am unable to get my Tag Assistant to work. It continues to say 0 Google Containers found, as well as

Tag Assistant could not connect to a tag on


A timeout occurred while attempting to connect.

You should copy-paste the GTM code (Or any other tool) before head (Under site setting) + Publish website. Add live URL (No way to test this issue under webflow designer) + screenshot of the error you get.

Thank you for the response. This has been done. I also double checked the code to make sure there were no errors.

I placed the body script in both the footer section and alternatively as an embed directly beneath “body” in the editor.

And tested with each. Neither worked.

Analytics seems to be reporting, so I have a feeling it works, but there is no way for me to test it under preview with GTM. I will post a screenshot in just a second.

Anyone? Would be nice to have a functioning GTM.

Is there anyone that is going to help with this? This isn’t a small feature, this is something that is integral to the functionality of websites. I have been with Webflow since August of 2015 and this is the first time I am considering moving on to another platform. Not being able to set up my Google services is a huge drawback, and I have had no help from anyone.

Your issue related to Google tag manager not to webflow.

  • 1, clean your cache (Maybe related).
  • 2, do not put any code before the body (The noscript tag is optional).
  • Disable your ad blocks and other plugins

Your tags install:

So again try under GTM forums. Start her:

Thank you for helping. I do appreciate it. I have just been working on this for days now, and this roadblock has no apparent solution.

  1. I have cleaned my cache numerous times. I don’t think that is the issue.
  2. I will remove the code before the body.

If the noscript is optional, how will they track the tags? Does it simply default to all pages?

  1. I have already deleted all my Chrome Extensions in the event that they were affecting the website. It seems this isn’t the problem.
  2. Is there a reason why my Google Analytics tag is yellow?
  3. Would my website load time have anything to do with this? I have made another thread with no response. My site takes a while to load with a blank white screen occurring prior to the site opening (I think it is some sort of preloader). I’d like to get rid of it, however the person who made the template has deleted it, and I have no way of asking how to get rid of it.
  4. Google Community is a black hole of non-resolution. I read that support thread 2 days ago and tried everything. Although, I am not sure how to change cookie consent, and can’t find anything on google to help with that.

By the code in the head (The other code is additionally).

yellow throw this error:

Same web property ID is tracked twice.

Did you put GA code also under webflow integration setting?

Yes. I will remove it. And remove the body tags. I will follow up to let you know if it worked.

It still does not work. Any other advice on how we can solve this problem?

Shows tags loading on page.

Can you tell me how you were able to review the tags? I am unable to do so as the review continues to timeout.

Google Tag Assistant - Chrome extension.

It is not showing as active for me. I am getting these errors.

Read the error, look it up. Your client is blocking the scripts.

Your client means your browser. It has settings and those settings are most likely blocking third party cookies, which you need to allow.