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Google Search Results not showing CMS title

I have some CMS pages in my project and they are for legal agreements and help articles. The title for these pages is set so that the title of the legal agreement (For example, Privacy Policy) or the question of the help article (Ex, How do I create an account?) shows in the Google search results.

I’m now finding that in the search results the title for these pages is just the H1 on the home page (“Delivery by Osprey”). How can I change this so they are titled correctly?

The SEO settings can be customized by going into the page settings of your CMS pages.

And you’ll be able to update that information here:

Hi Johnelle, I already tried changing that but it didn’t work, so I made this topic. In the title tag where it says “Legal Agreement Name” that’s a CMS element. Even with that setting when I look up the page it says “Delivery by Osprey” as the title tag.


I am not a hundred percent sure, but I am thinking it will take a bit for those changes to take affect. If you just made the changes, you’ll likely have to wait until Google re-crawls your site before you see the new titles in search results.

If you want to try to speed up the process, you can submit your sitemap.xml file at the following URL: Ask Google to recrawl your URLs - Search Console Help. This will submit your site to Google to be re-indexed accordingly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Yeah indexing is a funny thing. It can take anywhere from hours to weeks for Google to index things.

Also depending on what you search Google may display your Title and Description differently based on what they believe is more applicable to the searcher. Which can make things more confusing… :man_shrugging: