Google search verification and site export


I have built a website that will be exported and transferred to another server and assigned a new domain. My question relates to verifying the site on Google search prior to exporting the code. The current domain is Webflows own domain “” and the new domain will be “”.

If I verify the site by entering the name of the future domain ( in Google Search Console prior to exporting, will this information be saved in the exported code, and will verification then work when the site is transferred to another server? Is this even possible?

Thank you.

Hi Mark, verification is quick, no matter whether you do HTML verification or GSC domain DNS verification. Generally you want to do this after your site is live, so that you can submit the sitemap.xml and Google can queue it for indexing it straight away.

Hi Micheal,

I appreciate your reply. Knowing that I will have to export my website, could you please tell me what would be the best way or correct order to set up the SEO settings?

  1. Connect webflow with the custom domain first.
  2. Verify the site with Google Search using the custom domain name.
  3. Submit sitemap.xml to Google search.
  4. Export the code.

Is this correct?

So to follow up on this, the best way is to generate a sitemap in Webflow, export the code, and then verify the site with my hosting server, correct? Plus register the sitemap with google.

Since you’re exporting the site, you’ll be setting up your own hosting environment, creating your own sitemap, etc.

You’ll sort that out before anything else.

Once your site is live, you’ll setup GSC, and submit your sitemap.

Hi Micheal, thanks for replying.

Excuse me for my lack of knowledge about the subject, it is the first time I’ll be doing this.

What do you mean by “create your own sitemap”? Can’t I auto generate the sitemap in Webflow and then upload the same sitemap to Google after I’ve set up the site on the new host?

No, you’ll only get your HTML, CSS and the webflow.js.
Everything else you have to supply yourself.

Understood, thank you.