Google Optimize Sunset Announced

Google has announced that they are sunsetting Google Optimize.

Here is the announcement product users were sent via email.

Hello Google Optimize user,
Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will no longer be available after September 30, 2023. Any experience still active on that date will end. For more information on how to download historical data, visit the Help Center.

We launched Google Optimize over 5 years ago to enable businesses of all sizes to easily test and improve their user experiences. We understand the value of A/B testing for marketers, and will be sharing new ways to bring experimentation at scale to businesses in the coming weeks.

Thank you for using Google Optimize and Optimize 360 to test different experiences for your visitors. We remain excited for the vision for A/B testing within Google Analytics 4.
The Google Optimize Team

Performance was abysmal with it on Webflow, so I refrained from using it. Not sure what viable options exist. I use dynamic CMS’s for PPC anyway, where I can run my own A/B testing directly.

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Thanks for the heads up @webdev :+1:

I know this was a viable option for some of my clients in the past and, while it’s been a bit since I’ve looked into it, I don’t recall seeing many other solutions out there that I felt comfortable recommending.

Curious to see what their new solution is.