Google Maps Opt-In (2-Click) for DSGVO

I want to have a Google Map in one of my client sites. As I have understood it the Google Maps API tracks User-Data. Therefore I want to prevent the tracking till the user gives its consent.

WordPress has solutions like “Shariff Wrapper” and “Borlabs” where the map is disabled until a user gives consent to give his data. (I don’t have any other cookies on this side so a solution inside the area of the map, like in the WordPress solutions, instead of an cookie banner would be amazing!)

Does anyone have an idea how I could do this?

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I’m also having the same problem…
@jakobg , did you find a solution about this?

King regards,

I have not I am sorry. I guess It should be possible with Tag Manager and a script but I don’t have one :confused:

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