Google map API widget not recognising registered google business addresses when you click the map marker link


I have a pretty specific problem (well, the client considers it a huge problem) with the google maps widget integration.

I put in this address and tooltip, ‘Prana Yoga Space, 7 Harrow Place, 1st Floor, (entrance at rear), London E1 7DB, United Kingdom’ into the map settings and I have completed the API key settings correctly.
The map works fine inside the website, but for some reason, when you click on the red marker icon, this loads up an automatic google directions screen which inputs a general address for the building, named Petticoat Square, London and not the registered business address, Prana Yoga Space. See link as evidence of registered business address

Please see these grab image files to explain this visually:
go to Get in touch to scroll down to the map on the website

This is the issue, once you click the live red marker link, it pulls up a google directions page with the building name Petticoat square as opposed to the registered business name Prana Yoga space.

I have also inputted other local business addresses like the Travelodge and Planet organic and the same issue occurs when you click on the map marker when you are sent to the google map directions page, the API does not pick up the business address, rather a more general address or building name.

I am about to get in touch with the Google maps API team directly to see if its a bug there side. But it would be great to know if any other Webflow-ers have experienced this issue, perhaps it a bug with Weblfow’s integration. It would be even better if someone has solved it!

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I really appreciate your time and help in advance.
Best, Ru

I am unable to repro this, clicking on the red marker opens google maps in a new tab/window, and showing the correct business address & name “Prana Yoga Space”

I’m having the same issue. Did you manage to fix it ?