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Making the Google Map Widget work better

Using the Google Map widget but putting in just a postcode doesn’t give the information I quite need like the actual company name that the map is for etc.

So I tried grabbing the code from Google Maps and wrapping inside the widget div that webflow makes:

< div class=“w-widget w-widget-map contactmap” >

This didn’t work and defaulted the location inside the iframe to City of London in the browser.

Any advice on making this work?

I don’t quite get what you’re trying to describe, but I’ve been experimenting webflow map widget vs. embeded google map/ You still can create a map with many things on it and embed it entirely using the html widget. you’ll even have a preview in the designer.

See it in action here and you can grab the public link with the green button.

I think I fixed the problem now by googling for a workaround.

Thanks anyway.