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Google - Does it 'see' text that is initially set at 0% opacity?

Hi All,

The question above says it all really.


I’ve used the scroll interaction with much of the content on my website (it is initially set at 0% but once you have scrolled it appears). I was using the data highlighter in Google’s Webmaster Tools and noticed that all of the content on my website that is initially set at 0% opacity didn’t show up on there at all. Which made me think, when Google crawls the website, does it ‘think’ that there is no content? Therefore my Google ranking is handicapped?

Hope this makes sense?!

If you hide content for SEO reasons, Google sees that as deceptive and a violation of terms so be careful not to be treated that way.

Now for all content that is hidden on load, under a tab, activated hy CSS or JS, Gary Illyes from Google confirmed last year that the content was indexed but with a lower weight since it’s hidden. I haven’t heard about it since so it must still be valid.

So that’s a very important thing with Webflow. Because of the ease of masking and moving things with Webflow, you can be tenpted, or it’s even recommended to use those features as a way to increase the visual hierarchy of your content. Make a thing move when entering the viewport definitely catches the users attention. But if your interaction consist in bringing the element from opacity zero to 100 while moving it into view, then you end up with the content you wanted the attention on to be given a lower SEO weight.

So move, but don’t mask what’s the most important.


Ok thanks @vincent,

So to clarify, if I was to turn off all the interactions on the content that are initially set to 0%, to what extent, if at all, would my Google rankings be affected?

All I know is what I wrote, so I don’t know about the effects on the rank. Just that hidden text gets a lower weight than shown text.

Ok @vincent, thanks.

I may add a rank tracker, take out the transition and see if it changes the rankings, will keep you posted.

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