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Google calender embed not responsive

I’ve searched this and no answers given, I realize this is not the best choice for Event style calender any advice greatly appreciated.

Hi @davidharvey, Webflow does not control the embed behavior from Google, but one thing you can try to do, is to make your embed widget styled with responsive settings. Here is an article that was posted for embedding a video iframe and have it be responsive. You might be able to use the same principles for your Google Calendar embed, although you will have to play with it, to see how it works.

Hopefully this helps, Cheers, Dave

Thanks, I thought I’d seen this a while back. I’ll give it a shot. Any thoughts on other options,jquery…

Hi @davidharvey, well I do not really have any other suggestions for Google embeds, but I did find another article with some custom css that you can try:

This kind of css trickery can be used on the Header of your site, see about adding custom code here:

I hope that helps. There might be other jquery plugins out there or services like Google Calendar that might work better, you have to check those out. For example, maybe check out a service like or something like that. They may also have embeddable code snippets to provide some responsive site calendar elements.

You can also leave us a Wishlist about Responsive Google Calendars in the Wishlist category on the forum. Please submit it and we’ll notify you if we make it :slight_smile: More info on our Wish List here:

Cheers, Dave

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