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Google Analytics + 301 Redirect

This question was asked before here:

But case 1 was not answered, and that’s the case I’m having trouble with.

I want to go from to
I’m using a 301 redirect, but I want to track that someone landed on with Google Analytics. How can I do this? It seems like I need to somehow delay the redirect for a couple of seconds to ensure that Google Analytics loads, but how can I do this?

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I want to do the same thing. From what I’ve found, it’s not possible through the 301 redirect settings page because there’s no real page on which the analytics can load. You’d have to either:

  1. Create an actual page in webflow (maybe it just says “loading…” or something) and add an event trigger to the page that will cause it to redirect to Amazon after the page (including GA) fully loads.
  2. Pull the information from server logs if you have access to them, which I don’t think we do in webflow