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Tracking 301 redirects in Google Analytics

I have two 301 redirect links going from the homepage to the redirect (see below) which then gets sent outbound to an Amazon page. I also have a redirect which comes from Instagram to the homepage.

I’m not seeing either in Analytics though.

Redirect 1:
buy link on homepage ( > goes to Amazon

Redirect 2:
profile link on Instagram ( > from Instagram to homepage (

How can I track these links? I thought because they were subfolders redirects which work, that Google Analytics would track them, but it doesn’t appear to be. Any help would be amazing!


Can anyone help me with this?

You won’t be able to see that information in Google Analytics unless you tag the resolving URL in the redirect with UTM parameters.

i.e. >>

So the link on Instagram to my website has be this super long utm link?

Seems like it. Webflow doesn’t allow redirects targets with query parameters.

I just remembered, you can also use a URL shortener.

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