Go back link with history.go(-1) not working

I found this forum Go back link with history.go(-1) but part of the code snippet solution at the end of the post isn’t working and I’d love some help.

I have a cms that I’m wanting to use for resource videos. The history.go(-1) solution doesn’t work for me because I not only want to have a “back” link to go to the previous page but I need that back link to send them to a specific page if they came from a direct external link. The post above says it does this but when I come from a direct link, clicking back just sends me to a blank page.

Website link: https://bl-resources.webflow.io
Direct link to a video (where back doesn’t work): https://bl-resources.webflow.io/resources-aapl/waive-first-day-of-month-dfp-requirement



Here is my site Read-Only: bl-resources.webflow.io