Global CDN in business hosting plan

Just want to know if anyone in Oceania and Asia felt a significant change in speed in loading their website when upgrading to the business hosting plan?

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I’m also very curious about this! Anybody ever upgrade and run tests?

This thread shows that a Business site’s images, videos, CSS, and JavaScript are hosted on Amazon Cloudfront CDN instead of Fastly’s CDN.

For $25 more per month or + $240 more per year, was it worth it? For people who aren’t making money with sites, but whose audience is 100% Asian, that’s a huge ask. I’d pay $10 more per month just for Cloudfront, but $25 more?!

Or has anyone ever got Cloudflare’s CDN + Argo working on Webflow? That’s only $5 + bandwidth at $0.10/GB after 2 free GB.

All threads show Cloudflare’s CDN to completely fail with Webflow and marked “WONTFIX” by Webflow support. Which is crazy, as I’ve almost never seen a host that didn’t play well with Cloudflare CDN. Obviously, Cloudflare DNS works, but that’s not helpful here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nobody with an Asian-centric audience has upgraded and compared the difference?

I realized the OP posted this thread in SEO, instead of hosting. Perhaps a mod can help move this?

Consider self hosting your site → then add CF + ARGO. If you not using E-commerce, Blogging and forms.