Glitch in Images Outline


I’m using the outline function to give all sides of images a 1 pt black outline. However, it only shows up on some images. There is no pattern and I don’t understand how I could be doing something wrong.

Have other people shared similar issues? It’s only the outline at the bottom of the image that doesn’t show up.


Hi we need your public sharing link to understand what is going wrong :slight_smile: Can you provide it?

Hi Vincent, here:

I see the problem only occurs with this image.

If I was you, I would give the border to the parent element, the tab pane, instead of the image, wich is less predictable.

Click on one of the article pages, e.g. The Flight of Refugees. You’ll see that the even though the Outline is turned on, it only shows up on 3 sides.

Sometimes, I increase the bottom outline by 1 more pt, it solves the issue of that photo, but not overall.

I will try that. But will it be a problem if the images are different sized?

Hey @vincent, the problem is still there :confused:

There’s an overlap somewhere.

Ok so:

If all your images are on a white canvas, it won’t be noticeable

So to fix your issue, try adding a slight bottom padding to the parent element that gets the border. From 1 to 5px… it counteracts the overlapp. I admit I do not see where the overlapp is coming from…


Still facing the issue. Can any of the other members help?

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