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Bug? Difference in editor and published site (using tabs and lightbox)


Looking at the ‘testimonial’ on this page in the editor:

Notice the magnifying glass icons under the images (these use the lightbox widget).
When previewed these appear and work as expected.

When published however, the placement of the icons is different and as they are not visible, they can’t be clicked:

This is the first time this was happened to me in webflow, could it be to do with the nested tabs and lightbox combination? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi can you regenerate your preview link? it doesn’t work for me…

@vincent Apologies, not sure what happened there, give this a try:

Instead of float right, try to set your galleries elements like this:

@vincent thank you for your suggestion – I’ve set it up using absolute positioning, though it’s still not visible when published.

Looking at the navigator, the gallery element is nested inside the tab link:

however, when inspected in the browser, the anchor does not appear to nested, so the positioning is off:

This appears to be the root of the problem but no idea how to get webflow to play nicely!

Any ideas?

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