Giving unique id to a form


For one of my websites im needing a donation form, to be a valid choice the form needs a unique id given along with the imput.
So for example i want to add a hidden field ‘donation-id’ with a value of a unique id generated by javascript/ or jquery.

And here comes my problem i dont know any javacript or jquery so i would love to get some help from the experts here on the forum!

Hello @Joscreative.

To be able to help you we would need some more information about what you need. Would be great if you could provide some example (site, article, etc) which shows form what you need.

Also, could you be more specific about “generated unique ID”? What do you mean and were is should be generated?


I’m guessing op wants to provide a form name so that on post… it has a name ?

To do this… class the form wrapper itself
then select the Settings Tab
Locate the Name property and enter a name.

When exported it will create something like this:

<form id="residential-form" name="res-form" data-name="Res Form">

When you post the form… you can something like php to grab the form name… “res-form”.

I think those instructions are correct… responding from an ipad so I’m working off old memory chips.

What im looking for is a way to make a hiden field inside a form and give that a value of a unique id.

<input type="hidden" value="unique_id" />

With $the unique_id created by a javascript for example the output of the use of a timestamp.
Not sure is the javascript needs to be included as embed code in de form or just a custom code in the head.

Hope this makes things a bit more clear :smile:

In the past… I’ve used both examples below.

You will have to massage the code a little.

Put the source in the custom code section.

jquery - creating a object on the fly

jquery - create unique id

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