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Gif not looping properly


I recently uploaded 2 gifs. They are both set as loop forever when I exported them. (I tested them by opening them, and yes they are looping) However, when I uploaded them to webflow, they are not looping. Really appreciate if anyone knows why. Thanks!

Hi @zhimi2,

It would be great to get your ‘share only’ link so someone can take a look and try to help sort out thwat’s going on -


Hi, @zhimi2!

Thanks so much for sharing that preview link. I did some investigating and when I open those gifs they aren’t looping for me anywhere. Can you try exporting them again and double check that loop setting? :webflow_heart:

Hi @rileyrichter, thank you for investigating in this! I did double check and am sure they are set as “loop forever”. It not only happened to this particular gif, but 3 of my other gifs also aren’t looping in webflow… If you download the gif from my test link (drag to your desktop and open it), you will see it’s looping just fine. Any idea what might cause the problem? Thanks!

Hi @rileyrichter, Wanted to check if you had any luck in figuring out this issue? :slight_smile: Thanks


Hi, I’m also having this issue and it’s driving me insane! Has anyone found a fix?

Those GIFs are quite big (2mo+) what about using HTML5 video instead ? Or native Webflow video component (either background video or video element)

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