Gif animations added in CMS rich text don't loop :(

Mods, please delete this post. I figured it out. Your CMS handling of gifs is totally fine.

Hey all,

GIF animations added via CMS rich text field not looping (not even playing once actually!).

I’ve double-confirmed in Photoshop before export that looping forever is turned on. When I upload them into the rich text field in CMS it loops there in the CMS window, but when I publish it doesn’t (checked Macbook Chrome and Safari, and iOS).

Also, after I leave that CMS collection and come back, it doesn’t loop in the rich text field anymore like it did when I first uploaded it.

Is this a bug, or does CMS not allow looping GIFs, or am I doing something wrong?

Here’s the page in question:


Hi @efgoin, thanks for letting us know there was some strange behavior with the gifs.

I am not sure, here is what i see:

What do you see on your end? Here is my go-to tool:
Thanks in advance