Getting Value from Checkbox or Alternative Solution

Hi everyone,

I tried looking for a solution and see if anyone else has asked this question before, but I haven’t any place where this has already been answered. My apologies if I’ve overlooked it somewhere.

Here is my situation:

  • I am creating a form where users select will need to select multiple locations.
  • These locations are being brought in via collection list, because the locations will be changing frequently.
  • I need the form to return the value of their selection instead of a boolean.
  • I am creating the list using the custom html Embed component so that it can dynamically populate the options with CMS items.

I first attempted to use checkboxes, but they are only showing up as “true” or “false” in the Webflow forms. I also attempted to use radio buttons, but they are only allowing me to select one instead of multiple. I was not able to create a work around using multiple.

Because the locations will be changing frequently, and there will be hundreds of locations (I just did 5 as a test), I don’t think it would work to have each location be it’s own category.


Since I need multiple selected data to be pulled in to the forms, is there a way to either make checkboxes return values or for more than one radio button to be selected?

Thank you so much for you help.