GetResponse Integration Tutorial: Link broken in WebflowUniversity

Hi, People of the Internet,

we are currently trying to add E-Mail Marketing Tools to our website and decided to use “Get Response” as a solution. I was very happy about finding a tutorial for that in webflow university under Integrations. Sadly the hyperlink to the tutorial is not working anymore; I just get forwarded to the homepage of Getresponse. Are there any tutorials or workarounds for a smooth integration of the tool?

We just need to collect&forward the data from 3 forms (Newsletter, Order-Form, Contact-Form) to Getresponse.

I really hope this is the right section to post that.

Greetings from Germany

Hi @Blocks, our team was just made aware of the tutorial posted by GetResponse not being available, our team is helping to check on that, I will post back as I have more info.

Thanks in advance : Dave