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Geoblocking site from specific countries

Hi there. Does anyone know a (free) way to block a country from accessing a webflow site or page? (Using Google domains).
I’m not worried about VPNs or anything - a basic solution is fine.


(Reason = we’re a NGO working in sensitive locations, so websites can be compromising.)

If you require country level blocking you need to host the site yourself and implement blocking on your web server or a cloud config. Webflow does not offer this with its hosting plans.

Hi there! It’s worth checking out the service: GEO Targetly.

It can identify visitors’ physical locations by IP using IP geolocation technologies.

Its particular tool, GEO blocking can automatically block visitors from certain regions, like country, state, and city, and prevent unwanted visitors browsing your website. For example, blocked visitors could be redirect to the url:

The tool is easy to set. No coding is necessary.

GEO Targetly provides service package for small business owners and NGOs. Stable, and very reliable.

Hope it helps!