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Gap between two sections?

Hey guys and girls

Could anyone be kind enough to tell me why there is a gap/delay between the hero section and the section below when scrolling?

I want the section below to be fixed to the bottom of the hero section above when scrolling up and down, however there appears to be a gap/delay when scrolling which I assume may have something to do with the rotational parallax interaction already set? I just don’t know what exactly.

Watched countless webinars and youtube vids about transitions but nothing I try is working.

Anyone have any ideas?

Read only link:

Hello @Reece_Gunningham

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Hi @aaronocampo - that’s it.

Hi @Reece_Gunningham, I do not have the total solution for you, but I can probably help to shed some additional insight and possibly a way forward.

See my video here:

I hope this helps


Hey @cyberdave thanks for this. I’ve been working on a client project so only just looked at your video. I will have a play around what you’ve done and the also second option you mention.