Gap between video and next section

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Hi @adriana, could you help to share the read-only site design link? Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Much easier to check, there can be multiple factors :slight_smile:

Hi @cyberdave …here is the link

Thanks…this is killing me!

Hi @adriana, thanks, could you post a screenshot, drag in a png or jpg of the section with the issue?

Hi @cyberdave as requested.

What page is this on?

This is on Kubio_homepage. thanks

I don’t see it, lol maybe i’m just missing it

you can’t see the page or you cant see the gap?

The gap is only there when viewed with a small screen…when viewing on my laptop and pc…no problem, but when I minimise the screen, that’s when the white gap appears

ooh ok let me take a look

I can’t get it to show up no matter how small I minimize the browser size… :confused:

@VladimirVitaliyevich @seank it is still showing up when i minimise the screen…it will only show up if the screen is really small. but I had to put the height and width in auto so that means that my video is really small and not filling up the browser. How do i make my background video bigger so that it fills the screen and yet not have that white gap.

Please help.

ALso, how do i center (vertically and horizontally) my texts (divblock) in front of the background video.



Give the properties of 100vw and 100vh to the video element.

To have the items centered create s wrapper to put the elements in and then use Flexbox to center them.

Hope this helps.

Hi @adriana, I made a little video with some suggestions, hopefully it makes sense :slight_smile:


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Great video Dave. Is it true that some browsers don’t agree well with Flexbox?

@seank IE browser does not support Flexbox, yet again, not a lot of people use IE. :wink:

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@cyberdave Thanks!!! It worked perfectly.

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