Gallery with Tabs


I tried to make a gallery with the Tabs component. My question is: How do I make each tab display the relevant images?

Are you trying to do this with dynamic data from a collection? Otherwise you can drag in images inside Tab Link.

Is that mean that in the “All” tab I need to insert all the Gallery images? Once I red about something called “group” in tabs, have you heard about?

Hmm, sorry, having trouble knowing exactly what you want to achieve here. Can you try to explain in more detail what it is you want to do?

Inside the tabs element you have links to each Tab. You can put whatever you want inside that Tab link(except links) such as images.

I can’t remember anything called groups when talking about the Tabs element.

When you press on one of the Lightbox.

Ah you are using Lightbox not Tabs. Does this video help you out?

Using light-box inside Tabs

Thanks for the video. Its always fun to learn something new.
My purpose is to present a gallery made of several events. each tab for each event. and the first tab should include al the events.

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