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Fun CSS Animations :)

Was working on different loading bars, and thought that it would be fun to style the loading bars (took a little time to get it right with having a window on the subway train as you’ll see below) :smile:

Would love your thoughts/comments/suggestions/recommendations or a wish list of other things you’d like to see done using animations and interactions panel. :smile:

Here’s the link:

Went ahead and made some updates to this CSS Animation, included train doors with some guests inside (guests are SVG’s) :smiley:

@thesergie @thewonglv @PixelGeek


Hehehe it is so funny :smile:! Good job!

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Thanks @sabanna :smile: I had fun building it. Thinking of what my next venture into css animation will be. I think building animated page background will be my next fun piece :smiley:

Haha! Great little idea there @Waldo_Broodryk

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This is awesome!! Any ideas on how you’re going to use the triangle effect at the bottom of your page?


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Thanks @thesergie :smile: working on making it better and better.

@thewonglv I’m trying to decide how I’ll utilize it, might use the triangles as fixed divs and put some absolute divs over them with content that changes on hover. I was just playing around with making triangle divs at first. I guess I could affect the height/width of those divs with the interactions panel (but can’t affect the borders, and triangular divs are made up of a series of borders), and by doing that could get some cool effects :smiley:

Any ideas? :smiley: I’m just having so much fun over here haha.

do you still have the share link?

Hey @brilliantlights I sure do, sorry about that:

@brilliantlights You could also always press Open in Webflow and it will redirect you to the Share Link. :wink: